pv-contracting offers a decent range of project and financial structuring advise and support:


<> construction finance (mezzanine)


you hold a developed project that is legally and technically ready-to-build, but you lack the right finance to bring it online.


>>> talk to us and we'll find the right sponsor to get it connected - regardless if you'd rather like to operate it later as an IPP or just like to derisk it, maximising its overall value.

<> project development finance


you have already secured a couple of sweet spots to develop a solar power plant, but don't know how to finance the development?


>>> with our strong network to the seed and venture capital crowd in London, Vienna, Amsterdam and Frankfurt, but also to interested IPPs and utilities, we will find for any situation the right party. 

<> corporate finance


you hold a great pipeline of project opportunities to realize, but your credit-lines do not match with the excellent job your sales and business development team has done?


>>> get in touch and let pv-c do some homework on it - where a job is close, the necessary credit-line should be never an issue


<> non- and recourse long-term project financing


your project has achieved technically and legally ready-to-built status or is even already online, but you don't feel comfortable with the offers on the table respectively you just started to think about to refinance your pipeline

>>> let us get make the best out of it - the time was never better to have a second look on it in maximising your returns.






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