pv-contracting offers boutique advisory services in the following areas along the value chain of solar-pv project transactions

 <> project development


you want to enter successfully this interesting and profitable part of the solar-pv project value chain but don't know where and how?

>>> we will help you to find the right market and identify the right partners for this mission

<> business development


you want to develop your solar business further?

>>> no matter whether vertically or horizontally, pv-c has the right answers for you what do best and provides you with the necessary contacts  



you want to buy (SPA) or sell (SSA) a project company or for example, close a joint-venture with a development company?

>>> let pv-c support you in finding the right structure, the right price and evaluation of your target and new partner.


<> EPC and O&M contracts


you feel not comfortable with the epc or o&m contracts and the negotiations around them?

>>> not matter if commercially or legally, let pv-c also have a look on it and assist you with further negotiations.

<> financial modeling


you want to assess a new project opportunity commercially and financially but are not 100% sure whether your calculation is right?

>>> let us have a second view and opinion on it. 

<> financial structuring


you have a new business or project opportunity in front of you, but further (financial) stakeholders need to get involved and you want to make sure you have the right structure in place?

>>> certainly it's worth to have this x-checked by us.

<> PPA consulting and load profile modeling


you want to improve your PPA negotiation process or just find the right price level to sell power to a C&I client? but neither you nor your client does really know how much energy he could take off from the pv-project you plan?

>>> let us do that for you in order to make the best out of it for both. last but not least that's in the interest of both parties.

<> opportunities from and ideas to market


you see a lot of (new) opportunities out there, but you don't really know exactly how to filter, prioritise and finally grab them? or you have a great idea, but don't know really how to penetrate the market in the right direction to place your idea?

>>> let pv-c make the analysis for you and come up with a plan and concept as "path to success"









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